Letter to Parents

Dear Colorado Calvert Academy Families,

Please allow me to introduce myself as the principal of the Colorado Calvert Academy.  I am delighted to serve Colorado’s families in a public virtual charter school focused upon providing the best educational experience for every student.

As a long-time advocate of alternatives in education, I am excited to see parents, students, teachers and staff working together to keep our students engaged and excited about learning.  Colorado Calvert Academy’s curriculum is designed to provide a rigorous foundation for a lifetime of learning for every student.  As a parent, I have seen the benefits families enjoy as a result of the rich experiences and relationships developed while learning together.

We know that an excellent education can happen when parents and schools become true partners in a child’s education.  That dynamic partnership ensures that a warm, meaningful and supportive environment is established from the very beginning of a child’s educational experience.  This partnership also allows each child to flourish and become a well-rounded and unique person whose individual strengths and talents can be developed to their full potential. 

As we work together to build a vibrant community of learners, please feel free to call or stop by for a visit.  Colorado Calvert Academy’s staff is committed to providing the best for your child.

Warmest Regards,

Elizabeth Davis

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